Do I need to be really fit?

  • No, we cater for all levels of physical strength. 


What will be offered in terms of food?

  • Daily continental breakfast and all dinners will be provided - experience some of Byron's best restuarants.


Can I enjoy a glass of wine or is this about being really healthy?

  • Of course, this is your holiday and we encourage you to enjoy is exactly as you wish. While part of this retreat is focused on health and fitness, we also understand the need for balance.


Is the gig just for us, or will it be open to the general public?

  • The gig is only opened to retreat participants, making the experience all the more special. 


How much time will I get to spend with Pete Murray?

  • Plenty! Pete is doing two training sessions and a live performance. There is a good chance he will pop in at different times. Plus there is extra time allocated for the VIP's - but get in quick because there are only a few of these available. 


Can I come by myself?

  • Yes, most definitely. 


What is the general age range?

  • Generally, anywhere between 20 - 65. 


What is the minimum age range?

  • 18.


Can I do my own thing during the day or do I have to stick to the schedule?

  • Yes, of course. Again, this is your holiday and not a bootcamp. Participate as much or as little as you like in the daily activities.  


Will I have much free time to enjoy the resort and/or explore Byron Bay?

  • Yes, there is plenty of time off. You can lounge around the pool or take the train into Byron and explore.


What airport do I fly into?

  • Ballina or Coolangatta.


What if I miss the airport pick up?

  • If you miss the airport pick up then all you need to do is call Go Byron on (02) 6620 9200. However please note that if you do miss your scheduled pick up then the cost of transfer is on you $18 from Ballina and $36 from Coolangatta.